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The Origin of Yung Kang No.8

The story is traced to many years ago. Due to the sensitive skin of my mother, I wanted to know more about handmade essential oil soap.

Everyone should be familiar with similar stories how a handmade soap brand was created for the reason of taking care of inventors themselves and their family.

From this logical thinking of the stories, who would do anything that is unbeneficial to them? However, the quality of most handmade soaps in global market are not standardized and their prices are expensive. That is why Yung Kang needed to be invented.

All handmade soaps should be good and fine products which require the best materials to make them. Our brand positioning statement is “the best quality with natural materials and cheaper prices with real essence.” What is more, we hold the notion “the best quality with affordable prices” in order to produce each genuine handmade soaps with high standard qualified materials and the best quality persistently.


Three guarantees: toxic-free! the best quality! genuinely organic!

We guarantee our products

1. Organic! Natural oil! Toxic-free! Fragrance-free! No Soap Colourants!

Perfectly passed by SGS inspection, excluding preservatives, heavy metal poisoning, Formaldehyde and four main types of bacteria.


2. Our soaps are the best handmade essential oil soaps with cold process.

Our cold process soap is purely made from natural and essential oils without Sekken Soji. Our natural nutritional essential oil soaps will enrich your skin and make your skin enjoy feeling natural, clean, smooth and ultra-rich moisturised.

We insist to use premium ingredients only. We apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter into our soaps' base oil. According to different human skin types' needs, we select suitable natural and pure essential oils to make each soap. The typical examples are German Chamomile Soap and Roman Chamomile Soap, which is the best feature of our products. Therefore, We believe that we are the best one to produce handmade essential oil soap with cold process in Taiwan industry.


3. Cleaning is not just cleaning any more!

In soap industry, European cold process soap making method requires a lot of complex details to make soaps under cold temperature condition. This method takes plenty of time to produce one soap. Hence,  this cold process approach is fading out nowadays. Nevertheless, the cold process technique is able to preserve all precious nutritions of premium ingredients for each soap. The precious nutritions of soaps  enrich our skin to let us to feel both clean and moisturised.

永遠的承諾 ─ 原料不只天然,還要頂級!

永康八號,就是媽媽住家的門牌號碼。品牌,我們從永康八號開始;做好皂,我們從挑選原料開始。大家都知道要做出色香味俱全的菜,食材的好壞決定一半,做皂也是如此,我們不急著說故事,故事需要時間來累積,唯只有用心經營,才能經營出好的故事,當別人還在把『天然』當口號時,我們已直接從天然原料的『等級』層面切入,開始尋找好的植物油,經過大量的資料蒐尋、實際嚐試之後,才找到理想中好的植物油。舉例來說,橄欖油就有Extra Virgin、Pure、Pomace三種等級;當別人把訴求放在冷壓特初橄欖油時,我們已把等級拉至單一品種的冷壓特初橄欖油,除了橄欖油,椰子油、甜杏仁油、乳油木果脂等原料也在高標準之下引進的,沒錯,這就是我們對原料的堅持,不只要天然,還要頂級!
永遠的承諾 ─ 無與倫比的美妙洗感


隨著顧客的口碑與鼓勵,我們本著初衷理念,漸往生活保養品領域多元化發展,就是希望能從生活的各個層面將天然好物帶給消費者,【Eight Miles】由此而生!我們堅信 ~ 優質生活,不應該是有錢人的專利!